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Well the weekend of Berlin Klassik has come and gone, I think its safe to say we had fantastic weather & an amazing turnout. Every year it seems more and more people are coming from further and further away to join in on whats seeming to be the Largest Euro Show in Ontario! I think most would agree that Guelph lake did us great this year, despite the long bumpy entry.

With many people camping on site, packed in near by hotels and numerous cruses with over 30+ cars in a pack rolling in , there was bound to be a line-up. I personally along with the Team at BERLIN KLASSIK want to thank you for your patience on your arrival and entering the show because as some of you may know , the line backed all the way out to the county roads … THATS INSANE GUYS AND GIRLS!!

The feed back we have received has been impeccable and we are so very happy everyone enjoyed themselves. I personally want to say Thank you to everyone who went out of there way to introduce themselves to me and all the amazing comments I received for my previous work. All those comments are pure motivation too me.

Before I start receiving messages about how I missed your car, I apologize in advance. It is simply impossible for me to get very person or every car filmed in one day .I hope you see your car , or your smiling face , and if not hopefully your friends cars! I hop you all enjoy!



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