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We are please to announce our NEW Pre-Judging Saturday into the mix for 2018.

As many of you are aware the sheer volume of show cars in attendance has grown dramatically, and it’s extremely hard to judge so many stunning vehicles.
Since our 2017 show year came to a close our staff has been working extremely hard and providing the European car enthusiast community an event they LOVE being part of. Many of loyal fans have voiced their opinions about better ways to judge, and we truly thank you for reaching out to us!

This years pre-judging will be an exiting addition. It will allow those of you to come out on Saturday to have your cars pre-judged, then sit back and enjoy the full scope of the event on Sunday without waiting for a judge the entire day.

You are welcome to leave your show vehicle within the event grounds Saturday evening. (Security will be onsite)
Gates open for all show vehicles from 9am – 11am. Please show up early!
All vehicles registered for show competition must be present on Sunday September 9th 2018 for our main event from 9am until closing ceremony (5/6pm).

We welcome everyone’s feedback. Please reach out to us on our contact us page.

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