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Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 1

Earlier last month, the annual Berlin Klassik show kicked off once again at Bingemans in Kitchener, Ontario. As of recent, the show has become the must-attend event for European car enthusiasts ranging from Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and a few odd balls thrown in for good measure. It is no surprise that the Euro crowd likes to keep their rides clean, subtle, and always fitted with the right wheel. Here’s our pick of some awesome finds at this year’s event!

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 2

It’s not often that you see a BMW rolling on something other than the usual German choice of BBS wheels. In this case, this matte purple M3 is fitted with a set of deep concave BC Forged Wheels HB29 and looks awesome!

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 3

These massive “B” wheels are extremely rare and highly sought after by Euro tuning enthusiasts to complete that OEM+ look. In this case, the B stands for Bentley as in the $200k+ luxury car brand and as such, these rollers are a pretty penny if you can even find them.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 4

What a great colour choice these split-spoke wheels are. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling who makes them as the OEM Audi center cap is in place of what would have been the rim’s brand. Either way, it looks damn awesome on this gorgeous metallic brown Audi.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 5

A true odd-ball rim is this Land Rover Range Rover Sport roller fitted on this wagon. Surely the fitment is correct, but there’s a bit of awkwardness with the notion that a Land Rover part is fitted to a Euro vehicle, no?

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 6

Leguna Seca Blue, possibly one of the nicest and rarest colours in the E46 M3 line up, but that’s not surprise at this show. However, seeing one parked up on Volk Racing TE37 wheels which are usually found on Japanese cars is truly refreshing. Okay, so this wheel design is older than most of our readers, but there’s something to be said about the classic design of a 6-spoke rim.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 7

Multi-spoke on a big Audi saloon, yes! Unfortunately, the name of this wheel is unknown (unless you can help by posting below in the Comments section), but it does suit the car perfectly.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 8

Beautiful AMG monoblock-style wheel on his old school Mercedes-Benz. Rivets go very well with anything German, especially when it’s a gangster-type car!

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 9

Nothing screams hardcore Euro more than a set of Alpina Classic wheels, especially when fitted to an old school BMW 7-series. These rims are not only simple in design which is what makes them gorgeous, but they’re also very rare due to their limited production and high price tag.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 11

One of the rarest of all German tuning firms is that of Hartge. The company was formed in 1971 in Germany and has been punching out some incredibly high performance BMWs as well as producing exclusive wheels such as this vintage set which are impossible to find nowadays – yes, even online.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 12

Tailored to look like the Ferrari F40 wheels, the UK company 3SDM released this 0.05 model which are chunky and very fitting to this Volkswagen Golf.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 13

Never have I seen these Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren wheels fitted to anything other than a $500k SLR hypercar. It’s funny to note that the price of these wheels are probably that of the new Volkswagen it’s on – funny isn’t it?

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 14

These VSP Type 1 silver beauties are a big hit with the Euro crowd, possibly due to the mesh-look. For the price of $1,200 USD, they’re not too bad either.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 15

If gold is your thing, this shiny set of Avant Garde F141 are it! Fitted to this shiny red Volkswagen Jetta and tucked nicely thanks to air ride, what’s not to love?

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 17

If you love the Lamborghini Diablo, this new wheel by Avant Garde pays tribute to the legendary V12 raging bull. These M230 models are sized at 18-inches all around and look just right on this VW.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 18

Another set of Bentley wheels fitted on this dumped Volkswagen Golf. These things might be OEM, but damn do they look good.

Wheels of Berlin Klassik (THUMBNAIL) 19

Save the best for last, right? These ultra rare 17-inch Bugatti (yes, you read right) wheels were commission to BBS to be built a few decades ago. Never have I seen them in real life and although they’re fairly plain in way of design, the sheer simplicity of them and that iconic red “EB” emblem is enough to make any car look good, even this 3rd gen VW Jetta.

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